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When Three Good Ideas Converge to Form One Great Catastrophe

 We’ve all seen the Tai Chi symbol of Yin and Yang…the interlocking, or are they opposing, dark and light areas of the circle. They are said to symbolize unity, change, duality and opposing forces.
Originated in China in the third century BC, this ubiquitous symbol, and its underlying concepts, has permeated our world in more ways than we realize. In literature, it’s a concept as ancient as Beowulf yet as new as the latest bestseller. During the sixties, it grew in popularity and was taken to be an explanation of all manner of things.
It also led to true, but trite sayings such as: All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today. Playing with the words, one could say that all of the pleasure of tomorrow is in the pain of today. Or, reversing it, all the sorrow of tomorrow is in the happiness of today.
In his grief over the loss of his wife, Thomas Jenkins was led to exactly that conclusion. Not because he was a New Age guru, an existentialist, or a believer in Chinese philosophy. He was led to that belief simply because nothing else made sense.
But in the Spring and Summer of that year Tom wasn’t dabbling in philosophy; he was simply going about life as he always had. Like most of us, the hustle and bustle of day-to-day existence gave him little time for reflection on the greater mysteries of life. Had he been superstitious he might have avoided looking too far into the future because life was good then, very good. And when things are good, we have a tendency to assume they will remain that way.
Thomas Jenkins, you see, had it all: happy marriage, children, grandchildren, and a rewarding career as a syndicated columnist and newspaper publisher in Pine Crest, Oregon. That is, until his wife and granddaughter took a two-week Alaskan cruise on the Paradise Voyager and the ship disappeared four days out of San Francisco.
When officials declare the Voyager irretrievably lost, Tom rejects their conclusion and strikes out on his own. Assembling the unlikely team of two Vietnam Vets, an Indian scientist and a supermodel, he goes on the offensive and eventually unravels the mystery. When the final piece of the puzzle turns out to lie not in the Gulf of Alaska, but in the Oregon woods Tom sets off into the forest alone determined to save his wife and granddaughter...or die trying.


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A Recipe for Trouble:

Take one jilted Supermodel on the rebound
 Add an unscrupulous businessman who'll do anything to save his floundering business Agitate until both are steaming, then keep at a low simmer.

When looking for love sometimes you find it...and sometimes you don't!

Smooth as a sip of Kentucky Bourbon, PROMISES eases you into Kentucky's Appalachian hill country. That wonderfully wild place of mountains and hollows, creeks and rivers, with its hardscrabble life and whiteboard churches where roots go deep, family matters, and Granny Wright's never wrong. A place where King Coal still rules and beneath its veneer of respectability lies a hidden web of treachery.
Mary Jane Combs may have gotten her Momma's good looks, but her strong-willed determination came straight from Daddy. Growing up in Kentucky she dreamed of a simple life with a loving husband, a home of her own, and healthy kids.
Instead she's become an international Supermodel, swapping the Appalachian coal country for New York City's Upper West Side and traveling the world in her private jet. But she'll need all the determination she can muster when her ex-husband sets out to destroy everything she's accomplished.
But two questions remain to be answered: Can she do what needs to be done and still remain true to the promises she made at her mother's deathbed? And when the dust settles, will she at last find the loving relationship she always dreamed of as a girl?


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