BOOK FOUR             The Seeds of Christianity™ Series Goes to Rome.

Claudius is gone and Nero now wears the crown. When Peter asks, Shemu’el and Rivkah agree to go to Rome. In a strange convergence of events, their son, Yudah, meets Rhebekka, the girl of his dreams during a stopover on Cyprus.
Meanwhile, a revolt breaks out on the Empire’s western fringes. Led by Queen Boadicea of the Iceni, she aims to right the wrongs done to her and wrest the new Province of Britannia from the hand of the Romans. Only a single Roman Legion stands between her and total victory.
Things are just returning to normalcy when a huge conflagration leaves most of Rome in ashes. Voices rise in the street accusing the Emperor Nero of being the incendiary and he searches for a scapegoat. His wife Poppaea, still smarting from Atticus’ rejection of her advances, suggests he blame the Christians. She realizes too late that like Pandora, she has unleashed a demon she can never control.
Peter is killed. Who will lead the Church, Shemu’el or Linus? The Christians construct the first catacomb and its niches quickly fill as more and more believers are slain for their faith. As the fatalities rise, Shemu’el realizes they must have a traitor in their midst. But how can he identify this false Christian who’s selling out his friends to save his own skin? Read the stunning conclusion to this epic saga. Extensive Author’s Notes Included.

LOST is first and foremost a story about love, a special love that binds two hearts together transcending time and space. Told through parallel storylines, their point of convergence is the disappearance of the cruise ship, Paradise Voyager, while in Alaskan waters. The common thread linking them together is the impact they had upon the life of Oregon newspaperman, Thomas Jenkins, whose wife and granddaughter were aboard the ship.
When officials declare the Voyager irretrievably lost, Tom rejects their conclusion and strikes out on his own. Assembling the unlikely team of two Vietnam Vets, an Indian scientist and a supermodel, he goes on the offensive and eventually unravels the mystery. When the final piece of the puzzle turns out to lie not in the Gulf of Alaska, but in the Oregon woods Tom sets off into the forest alone determined to save his wife and granddaughter...or die trying.


Developed from his extensive research for the popular Seeds of Christianity Series, E. G. Lewis presents an interesting and informative study on the lore, legend and history of Christmas. The Advent Season, Why is Christmas on Dec. 25th? Who were the Shepherds? Who were the Wise Men? Is Santa Claus really St. Nicholas? What are the 12 Days of Christmas? What's a Mummer? Learn the truth about Jesus' birth. Also includes a Bonus Supplement, The Christmas Story from Witness.

From the extensive research of E. G. Lewis for his Sowing the Seeds Blog and the popular Seeds of Christianity Series, comes this interesting and informative study on the lore, legend and history of Lent and Easter. How is the date of Easter Determined? The Lenten Season, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Fasting, Pretzels and the Prophecies of Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter. The Four Men Who Tried Jesus. The Three Relics of the Passion. Also includes Additional Bonus Chapters.

Relying upon the Bible and extensive research for his popular Seeds of Christianity Series, E. G. Lewis presents an interesting and informative study on foods, cooking and day-to-day life in the early Christian era. All major food groups are covered with specific chapters on Spices & Herbs, Fruits & Nuts, Grains, Vegetables, Salad Greens, Fish & Fowl, Meat, Milk & Cheese, Sweets, and even one on What They Didn't Have. Includes bonus chapters on Aviculture, Apiculture, Olive Oil, Manna, the Gladiator's Diet and lots of Recipes to Try at Home.

This is the book that started it all. In the tradition of such classics as Ben Hur and The Robe, WITNESS overlays the life of Rivkah, a young shepherd girl, with events from the life of Christ in an inspiring, heart-warming and historically accurate depiction of First Century Jewish life.                            
Things are good for young Rivkah. Her father's just given her a lamb to start her own flock, Shemu'el wants to marry her, and she's been released from womanly chores to stay in the fields with the shepherds. She's overjoyed when angels appear announcing the birth of the Mashiach. But Rivkah's world crumbles when her new friends Miryam, Yosef and Yeshua must leave for Egypt. Then Herod's troops begin killing infants and, worst of all, she's told Shemu'el burned to death in a Temple riot. Years of heartache and mourning pass before her life finally becomes good again. Then, years later, she's in Jerusalem for the Passover when three men pass on their way to crucifixion. Immediately recognizing Miryam and Yeshua, Rivkah makes a life-changing decision and follows to Golgotha. Extensive Author’s Notes Included.

Rivkah was there at the beginning; and Rivkah was there at the end. But now she's discovered that what many considered the end has turned out to be a new beginning. Rivkah and her family convert to the Way of Yeshua and are baptized. They find that the Temple leaders are refusing to buy lambs from the followers of The Way. With no means to earn a living and encountering increasing prejudice on all sides, they leave their settlement and move to Jerusalem. Instead of the better life they imagined, they encounter Saul, the scourge of the early church. Rivkah and her family join the other believers who are fleeing Jerusalem and head for Antioch with Simon.
Stand beside Channah as she watches a mob stone the man she loves. Meet Pavlos of Antioch, the mute giant whose actions speak louder than words, and whose innate goodness created a ministry to the weak and helpless. And weep for Eleana, the young Parthian woman who was savagely attacked by a Roman soldier and must now decide whether to bear the child that must be his. Experience life in the early Church as these first Christians struggle to live out the teachings of Yeshua in an often hostile environment. Extensive Author’s Notes Included.

The Church thrives under Shemu'el's leadership. However, tensions surface as the number of non-Jewish converts in Antioch rises. Barnabus goes to Tarsus and returns with Paul, formerly Saul, but Rivkah's daughter, Channah, opposes his new role in the Church. This faith-filled and historically accurate saga of Rivkah, Shemu'el and the Early Church takes a troubling turn when their youngest son, Yudah, falls prey to the blandishments of the world and forsakes his Christian heritage to adopt a pagan lifestyle.
Meanwhile, what appeared to be a random act grows to become a string of violent murders and the city trembles in the grip of a ruthless serial killer. Pavlos roams the streets hunting for the assailant, but Shemu'el fears he already knows the killer's identity. The Emperor Claudius expels all Jews from Rome effectively ending Simon Peter's ministry there. Then Atticus accepts the post of Tribunus Medicus Militum and heads to Rome as a Peter's temporary replacement. Follow the saga of Rivkah, Shemu'el and the Early Church as the Apostles take the Gospel to the world. Extensive Author’s Notes Included.


Growing up in Kentucky's Appalachian coal country, Mary Jane Combs dreamed of a simple life: a loving husband, healthy kids and a home of her own. But it wasn't to be.
Instead she's become international Supermodel, Claudia Monet. She swapped the simple life for New York City's Upper West Side and travels the world in her private jet. So why is she hiding under her ex-husband's desk, listening to him seduce another woman on the desktop above.
If you worked your way from obscurity to stardom, would you put your life on the line to prevent someone from destroying that success? An unscrupulous businessman, hoping to benefit from the resultant publicity, tricks her into marriage. Discovering what he's done, she retaliates by launching a hostile takeover of his company and risks her life to gather evidence of his crimes.              
But two questions remain unanswered: Can she do what needs to be done and still remain true to the promises she made at her mother's deathbed? And when the dust settles, will she at last find the loving relationship she always dreamed of as a girl? A healthy balance of humor, suspense, and sex with a quirky cast of supporting characters.