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The Seeds of Christianity Series
Book Four: MARTYRThey take the Seeds to Rome
Claudius is gone and Nero now wears the crown. When Peter asks, Shemu’el and Rivkah agree to go to Rome. In a strange convergence of events, their son, Yudah, meets Rhebekka, the girl of his dreams during a stopover on Cyprus.
Meanwhile, a revolt breaks out on the Empire’s western fringes. Led by Queen Boadicea of the Iceni, she aims to right the wrongs done to her and wrest the new Province of Britannia from the hand of the Romans. Only a single Roman Legion stands between her and total victory.Things are just returning to normalcy when a huge conflagration leaves most of Rome in ashes. Voices rise in the street accusing the Emperor Nero of being the incendiary and he searches for a scapegoat. His wife Poppaea, still smarting from Atticus’ rejection of her advances, suggests he blame the Christians. She realizes too late that like Pandora, she has unleashed a demon she can never control.
Peter is killed. Who will lead the Church, Shemu’el or Linus? The Christians construct the first catacomb and its niches quickly fill as more and more believers are slain for their faith. As the fatalities rise, Shemu’el realizes they must have a traitor in their midst. But how can he identify this false Christian who’s selling out his friends to save his own skin?
Read the stunning conclusion to this epic saga. Author’s Notes Included.

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The Seeds of Christianity Series
Book One: WITNESSAn Old Tale Told in a New Way
Life is good for young Shepherd girl Rivkah. Her father gave her a lamb to start her own flock; Shemu'el, a local shepherd boy said he wants to marry her, and she's been released from household chores to stay in the fields with the shepherds. Angels appear announcing the birth of the Mashiach. Rivkah tiptoes into the stable and she asks to hold the baby. Miryam agrees, but reaches from behind to help her hold him.
Then Miryam and Yosef must flee to Egypt, a protest at the Temple results in a violent clash with the Roman troops. Rivkah's world crumbles when she's told Shemu'el, the love of her life, lies lost among the bones and ashes of a thousand strangers.
Years later Rivkah finds herself in Jerusalem. She watched three men being led to crucifixion. Recognizing Miryam and Yeshua, she follows. And so, Rivkah, who was there at the beginning, is also there at the end. But this time it's her arms that help a grief-stricken Miryam hold her son.


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Book Two: DISCIPLEThe Seeds Find Fertile Soil

Rivkah was there at the beginning; and Rivkah was there at the end. But what many considered the end has turned out to be a new beginning.               
She and her family convert to the Way of Yeshua. Facing increasing prejudice on all sides, they move to Jerusalem. Instead of a better life, they encounter Saul, the scourge of the early church. Stephen is stoned. The Twelve are imprisoned. The believers must flee Jerusalem for Antioch.
This little group of believers tenaciously cling to their faith. Like a tree planted beside a stream, the church in Antioch flourishes.
Stand beside Channah as she watches a mob stone the man she loves. Meet Pavlos of Antioch, the mute giant whose actions speak louder than words. Weep for Eleana, the young Parthian woman who was savagely attacked by a Roman soldier and now must decide whether to bear the child that must be his. Watch these first Christians live out their faith in an often hostile environment.


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Book Three: APOSTLEThe Church at Antioch Comes into Its Own

The Church thrives under Shemu’el’s leadership. However, tensions surface as the number of non-Jewish converts in Antioch rises. Barnabus goes to Tarsus and returns with Paul, formerly Saul, but Rivkah’s daughter, Channah, opposes his new role in the Church.
This faith-filled saga of Rivkah, Shemu’el and the Early Church takes a troubling turn when their youngest son, Yudah, falls prey to the  lure of the world and forsakes his Christian heritage to adopt a pagan lifestyle.
Meanwhile, what appeared to be a random act grows to become a string of violent murders and the city trembles in the grip of a ruthless serial killer. Pavlos roams the streets hunting for the assailant, but Shemu’el fears he already knows the killer’s identity.
John and Mary visit from Ephesus for Channah’s wedding and Emperor Claudius expels all Jews from Rome effectively ending Simon Peter’s ministry there. Then Atticus accepts the post of Tribunus Medicus Militum and heads to Rome as a Peter’s temporary replacement. Follow the saga of Rivkah, Shemu’el and the Early Church as the Apostles take the Gospel to the world.


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